The Resume page has links to view programming activities by customer, along with customer web site addresses where available.

This site is presently being maintained and developed using Microsoft FrontPage 2002 for the grunt work, and a very cool text editor called NotePad2 from flo's freeware for fine-tuning. Other tools in the past have included Norton Visual Page 2.0, HotDog Professional 5.5, Word 95 & 97, Access 97, EDIT.COM and WordPad. At times I've also tried out NVu and Expression Web, but found the FrontPage / NotePad2 combination to be the best choice for my purposes.

The Professional Library was prepared using Book Collector 4.6 Pro from This is a very nice product to use. Just enter the ISBN and the program will query multiple online databases including Amazon, the Library of Congress, and others; retrieves title, authors, pub dates and details, even the cover photo where available; then creates the html shown here.

Another notable change from my original site design (circa 1996) is the use of style sheets to standardize on the page appearance -- after using FrontPage to apply some styles, I realized that it was time to "roll my own" styles. I am basically satisifed with my current CSS which can be viewed here but I still see browser differences (IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 1.5). I've also found it necessary to modify my font choices for better appearance under Linux - Firefox.

In December 2007, due to a surge in spam, I discontinued publishing my public email address, in favor of using an html form that linked to my Office Live web site. However, visitor feedback prompted me to restore a conventional "mail to" link in April 2008, using a separate email address.

In April 2010, the entire site was moved to a new web host, which caused the date stamps for the existing Tips and Articles to be reset to 04/25/2010.

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