Avnet Inc.

Employee Survey - Access 97
Reporting system for annual employee satisfaction survey.

Frame Relay/IP Database - Access 97
Tracking system for frame relay data connections world-wide. Established proper hierarchy of locations, circuits, DLCI's & ports. Utilized an ActiveX TreeView control to allow drilling-down from location thru the various connections. This project was a major redesign of an pre-production database.

Project was expanded to include voice communications (T1, SDN, 800) as well as other data connections such as ISDN and ATM.

P & L, Budgets & Fixed Assets - Access 97 & Excel 97
Reporting system for monthly department expenses. ASCII data is imported monthly from the mainframe, and summary reports are generated at the CIO, VP, Director, and Manager levels. In the absence of a VP for a particular department, the Director data is substituted. Expenses are grouped and summarized according to stored lists. The user can request reports for the current or any previous period. Used VBA to create summary and detail Excel workbooks (85 worksheets each, 1 per department).

Added a monthly download function for fixed assets, projecting the fiscal-year depreciations thru end of current year, along with the upcoming fiscal year; Assets with zero book value were excluded from this function. Created an Excel workbook with one worksheet per department.

Added a feature to track assets with zero book value, to assist managers in identifying retired assets for removal from the accounting ledgers and thus reducing property tax obligations.

Added a monthly download function for accounts payable.

Software License - Access 97
Processing system for software license purchases and installations. Software requests are input via either the program user interface or from Intranet. Transactions are grouped into batches, reports generated, editing available, invoice and payment data entered. Validation for software product ID and building location code. Export function prepares batch data as text file for import to existing dBASE invoice-allocation system.

Year 2000 - dBASE III Plus
Performed inventory - assessment - remediation - test cycle, for 10-year-old invoice processing system that included 200 tables, 120 indexes, 300 reports, 360 program files. Most changes were related to indexes and screen formats, because the internal dBASE table format uses 4 digits for the year. To facilitate the conversion, I developed BASIC programs to search for date references in all PRG, NDX and FRM files and build a working list.

This project was quite a challenge: At least six different programmers had worked this system since its inception in 1988, and very little current documentation was available.

Telecom Billing - dBASE III Plus
Wrote and modified programs for high-volume telecommunications invoice processing; multi-user application. Tested production code to correct deficiencies and wrote new applications to process mainframe downloads and CD-ROM billing detail.