Barclay Communications, Inc.

Ticket Log - Access 97
Re-created an older Access 2.0 application that was no longer available. Handled promotional ticket giveaways and redemptions with % calculations by promo partner and time period.

Coop Advertising - Access 97
Revised this existing application for tracking newspaper column inches and sharing amounts for studios, exhibitors, and publications for multiple markets. Converted from Access 2.0 and reconfigured for faster open & access to 10,000's of detail records. Replaced hard-coded discount calculations.

Screening / Promo Confirmations - Access 97
Form-letter database, a redesign of a Q&A 4.0/DOS series of 10+ individual programs, consolidated into a single unified application. Utilized links to the other Access programs for lists of studio, film, and exhibitor information.

Movie Club - Access 97
Mailing list for movie club members. Added user-editable lists for theaters, cities, and zip codes. Revised query forms to allow more flexible selection criteria. Interesting note: This program was an Access version, written by a staff member, of my original 1993 dBASE Movie Club program.

Time Sheet - Access 97
Revised this existing application for tracking billable hours by client & project. Enhanced general useability, and added a new report generator form that allows the user to select (or not select) criteria for client, project, employee, and either week-ending or month.

Contact Manager - Access 2.0
Contact information for print & broadcast media in four markets. Extensive use of Access Basic/SQL to develop mailing label menu to select market, media type, and contact titles.

Movie Club - dBASE IV
Mailing list for movie club members. Selected by demographic, member preferences and zip code information.