CMC, Inc.

MSHA - Access 97, Access 2000, Visual Basic 6.0

New database to handle mine address & employment information. After download from the goverment agency's web site, data composed of 876-byte records is parsed and imported into the database for queries & reporting.

Created reporting to duplicate the 1000-page quarterly report issued directly by the agency, which saved time and money.

Added feature to allow selection of specific state(s) and SIC code(s) to extract data.

Designed VB application to simplify processing the quarterly data. After downloading, the app copies and renames the master mdb file and imports the raw data.

Contact List - Access 97, Word, WordPerfect 6.x

Imported two contact lists from WordPerfect 6.x table format into Access, with a total of approx 3,000 contacts; with the goal of better control over editing, improved search capability, and cross-referencing all parties that are (were) involved for specific projects.