Harkins Theatres

Budget - Access 97
Tracking system for Marketing Dept. invoices, vendors, and expense categories. Reporting by month, vendor, YTD, category. Utilized sliding budget calculations to automatically reallocate monthly budget amounts based on YTD spending and remaining budget dollars.

Holiday Gift Box - Access 2.0
Seasonal promotional package for sale to the general public. Tracking of purchases & inventory.

Online Forms - Word 97
Created confirmation forms for screenings and auditorium rentals.

Company Store - Access 2.0
Employee purchase of logo merchandise. Tracking of purchases by employee & department, inventory.

Round Table - Access 97
Tracking system for new customer inquiries for theatre screen advertising. Sales calls were assigned to salespeople in consecutive order according to a round-table list, which was maintained by the Sales Manager.

Movie Money - Access 2.0
Order processing for discount movie certificate sales. Tracking of customers, orders, inventory. This project was an adaptation of the VIP Tickets database.

Movie Club - Access 2.0; converted to Access 97
Membership database combining two distinct groups of moviegoers.

Slide Contract - Excel 5.0/95
Salesperson's workbook to prepare contract, invoice, and cover letter for theatre slide advertising at 18 locations. Calculated invoice totals, number of slides required, and the number and amount of installment payments based on the length of contract. Utilized VBA to format invoice & cover letter to automatically hide unused locations. This was a conversion from a Lotus 4.0/DOS workbook, with major enhancements.

Trailer Report - Access 2.0; converted to Access 97
Handled placement of "coming attractions" trailers with the appropriate feature films. The weekly booking information is imported via diskette from another Access program, and trailers are placed automatically based on business rules. A manual placement over-ride feature was also provided. The program also handles trailer inventory for Corporate and 18 theatres. This project involved the combination and conversion of 18 separate Lotus workbooks (34 sheets total) into a unified Access application.

VIP Tickets - Access 2.0
Order processing for discount movie ticket sales. Tracking of customers, orders, inventory. Utilized a Soundex function to assist in grouping departments within a customer company as a single entity. This project was a conversion of a PC-File database, with major enhancements.

Customer Survey - Access 2.0
Exit survey of customer demographics and preferences. Included two sections of 12+ questions rated 1-10 or blank; Calculated percentages and number of responses of 1's, 2's etc. and sorted sub-reports by the combined 1-3 responses. After initial evaluation, a second survey was made to updated marketing requirements.

Concession Inventory - Excel 5.0/95
Revised this secure workbook, which is used to manage theatre concession inventory. Added named ranges to facilitate additional rows, combined & simplified macros, verified formulas. Developed programming to implement a passcode algorithm to allow theatre managers to update item names & prices when authorized by the district manager.

Movie Schedule - Access 2.0; converted to Access 97
Motion picture bookings and theatre show times. Reports for booking sheets, movie schedules, theatre seats & sounds data. Automatic version control identified each record that changed since the last report. Competitive reporting function used Access Basic/SQL to create crosstab query & create report controls. This project also created a 3-sheet MS-Excel 5.0/95 workbook from the weekly data; included formulas & subtotals, smart formatting for page breaks, show/hide dollar amounts.

Added feature to send theatre booking sheets via Outlook e-mail.

Slide Advertising - Access 2.0; converted to Access 97
Theatre screen slide advertising. Reports for theatre slide inventories, weekly new contracts, clients by sales person; report-to-disk option. This project involved the conversion and combination of 14 separate Lotus worksheets into a unified Access application.

Save the Cine Capri
Served as the interim Webmaster for the Save the Cine Capri! Web site. Utilized WS_FTP Pro for file updates. Contacted the InterNic for domain name issues.