Shea Homes

Visual Service Tracts - Access 97 and SQL Server 7
Evaluated new system to replace an existing Access / FoxPro warranty application.

Reimbursables - Access 97
Tracking system for long-term commitments for land and utility agreements with private and public entities.

Strap / Shear - Access 97
Field survey for comparison of multiple subcontractors.

Master Database - Access 97
Comprehensive application to manage Community, Lot, Buyer, and Sales information, as well as Vendor & Contact info, Bidding and Contracts.

Trac Time - Access 2000
Designed interface to pull data from external app into Access for scheduling & time lines.

Remedy - Access 2000
Adapted the eSupport survey system for Corporate use.

Sales Projections - Access 97
Sales tool for evaluating plans, product specs, marketing mix.

eSupport Survey - Access 2000 and Intranet
Follow-up survey for ITS support requests. Utilized Windows Common Dialog Control to browse for input file from Remedy support system; send automated e-mail to users with links to asp survey page.

Developed Active Server Pages for filling-out and recording survey results.

Intro Call - Access 97
Follow-up telephone survey for new home buyers.

Construction Enthusiasm - Access 97
Survey to measure homebuyer's evaluation of the construction process.

Customer Care - Access 97
Follow-up mail survey for new home buyers.

Product Matrix - Access 97

One Page Management - Access 97 and Intranet
Tracking goals by community at the VP, Manager, and Superintendent levels. Basic password login is used to identify the user and determine which communities and goals they may access - VP = all; Manager = their own, plus direct reports; Super = their own. Goals can be re-defined by the admin, and applied to either all existing or only new communities. The numerical values of the goals can be changed by the user (effective the following month). Finally, the actual values can be entered by the user.

An intranet version is in final testing, using html, JavaScript and asp. This will be the primary delivery method of this data.

QA Checklist - Access 97
Tracking system for final QA inspection prior to home delivery. A user-definable list of 400+ items that are grouped by the room, and each item is also assigned to a responsible trade category. A list of trade partners for each category, for each community, is also maintained. Reporting is available by community, room, category, and trade partner, with or without a date range. All items for seldom-built rooms, such as a 5th bedroom or 4th bath, can be marked as "N/A" with a single click.

The items for each room are presented screen-by-screen in a user-defined order. Unbound forms were used, since the number of items per room, and thus per screen, can vary from two to 25 or more. The control names were programmatically numbered (e.g. txtDesc01, txtDesc02, txtDesc03). For each screenful, I calculate the ordinal number of each field based on the question number and the screen number; controls that are not required for that screen are hidden. In addition, all of the rooms, items, categories, and ordering can be changed by the (administrative) user.

A runtime was also created for laptop users. This application program works in two modes: network and mobile:

Rio Vista Import - SalesLogix & SQL Server 6.5
Developed import map and procedure to combine 15,000 sales prospects to existing database of 24,000 sales contacts. Worked with SalesLogix tech support to resolve issues regarding import & linking of system fields. Utilized SQL Enterprise Manager and MS-Access for additional data processing as required. This is a one-time import, however, table mapping developed for this project will be subsequently applied to a future weekly import from a Paradox sales system..

Shea Scheduler - Access 97
Extracted in-process home construction data from SQL Server and prepared time-line report for projected & actual dates, used for evaluation & monitoring of progress for the various trade contractors. This is a weekly process, formerly done by hand.

Service Reporter - Access 97
Access reporting front-end to a shrink-wrap FoxPro app, similar in concept to the CFT Warranty but with major updates for enhanced report requirements. Took over from the original designer, fine-tune & final debug, and took the new app into production. Moved division settings into an INI file and used Windows API calls to retrieve; to simplify rollout of version updates to the divisions. Added code to re-link FoxPro tables and re-create INF files for FoxPro index information.

Worked closely with ITS Dept. to troubleshoot installation on NT Terminal Server, especially with respect to FoxPro indexes and RightFax fax software operation.

Sales Questionnaire - Access 97
Used in designing features for future master-planned communities. Developed data-entry screen and tabulating report for questions of types: multiple-choice, select 3 of 7, rank each item from 1 to 6, and so on.

NSS - Access 97
System for extracting & scrubbing homebuyer data for buyer satisfaction survey. This was an enhancement of an existing app, pulling data from SQL Server and also from an AS/400 text file. Added basic switchboard for user interface, converted macros to code, and created a more compact export file for the survey company.

Competitive Sales - Access 97
System for monthly tracking of competitor sales information. This was a conversion from a complicated Excel workbook. Calculated price comparisons on base price +/- costs of approx. 35 options, for up to 6 builders with 9 plans each. Created run-time version for distribution..

Litigation - Access 97
System for tracking legal issues for Corporate plus 15 divisions. This was a re-design of an existing app. Improved the user interface and navigation, split into front/back databases and added workgroup security to restrict divisions to their specific information. Added tracking for # of homes built and years built, for comparison to claims information.

Added a change tracking log to identify edited record data, user, and date/time.

Developed an intranet version using Active Server Pages.

CFT Warranty - Access 97
This is an Access reporting front-end to a shrink-wrap FoxPro app. A significant enhancement was that we needed to combine SQL Server data along with the FoxPro; A data pump was created to retrieve data from both sources, on a timed process, and this data was subsequently used to drive the reports.

IS Issues - Access 97
System for tracking user requests to the IS department. Revised forms, added status codes, split into front-end/back-end database with auto re-link for attached tables. Redesigned the main data entry form to accommodate two distinct layouts for Arizona/California requirements by adding code to a single Access form.

Weekly Sales Log - Access 97
Handled weekly sales data. Provided data-entry and reporting features. This was a conversion of an Excel process.

Safety Survey - Access 97
Processed biweekly safety surveys for trades at all active subdivisions. Borrowed much of the design from the Trade Survey, and attached to the stored contractor names & trades for each subdivision.

Y2K/Access Upgrade - Access 2.0, 95, and 97
Converted 50+ Access 2.0 and 95 databases to Access 97 and delivered to the test lab for end-user evaluation of Y2K issues.

Converted 16-bit Windows API calls in several 2.0 files to the 32-bit equivalents, and optimized start-up code to take advantage of new Access 97 features.

Builder - Access 97
Converted rudimentary stand-alone Access 2.0 application to 97, and created runtime version for diskette install at satellite offices.

Trade Survey - Access 97
Processed biweekly trade surveys for all active subdivisions. Stored contractor names & trades for each subdivision. Created Access runtime version for network install.

Database Inventory - Access 97
Create a searchable database of 900+ Access database files on six network drives; along with size, time stamp, and Access version; in preparation for the across-the-board conversion to Access version 8.0/97. Prepared reports, including duplicate filenames. After meeting with end-users, removed nearly 400 non-current files saving 800+ MB of server disk space.

Subsequently adapted the app for use on the 23-server corporate network, involving 1300+ additional Access files.