Phelps Dodge

PDCE TIME - Access 97
Engineering time tracking program. My involvement in this project was to take the basic design and normalize the database, improve the data-entry user interface, add data validation, and develop advanced reporting.

Year 2000 - Access 97
Tracking system for Year 2000 monthly progress reports for 500+ items world-wide. My involvement in this project was to take existing data structures and methods, and create a basic menuing system for easier data entry and reporting, and also report queries to extract monthly data, calculate % completion factors, rudimentary on-screen graphing, and export to Excel for advanced charting. Reports were later added for validation of item counts at the various date checkpoints.

Succession Plan - Access 97
Highly-sensitive succession planning information for top-level corporate management. Developed methods to produce data subsets for distribution to 30+ individual companies within the corporation; along with methods to recombine the subsets, with provisions to reconcile changes. Statistical analysis for 5 sub-groups within population via Excel charting.

Service History - Access 97
Mail-merge for employee service history. Imported & combined mainframe downloads; Normalized flat data; added lookups for location & status coding. Considerable data cleaning was performed using queries and VB functions.

Employee Benefits - Access 97
Employee benefit information. Imported periodic mainframe downloads for 401(k), flexible spending accounts, and benefit elections; built cross-reference table to allow searching by SSN across disparate sources. Utilized tab controls for access to various data.

Document Filing - Access 97
Document storage and retrieval. After the user assigned a category and type, the program created a unique index number for paper files, and also provided for an OLE link to electronic documents. Retrieval by category, type, title, or keyword(s).

Retiree Life - Access 97
Insurance benefits and premiums for retired employees; Conversion from dBASE III Plus application, with major enhancements. Reports by insurance plan and administrative group.