Younger Brothers Construction

"new" Job Central - SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio .NET 2003, C#, IIS, Reporting Services

Developed the reporting modules using SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services and C#. This is a replacement for the Access programs used previously.

QA Framing - Access 2000

Adapted the Shea Homes QA Program for use in the business of construction framing.

YBC Job Central - Access 2000

Assumed responsibility for maintenance and enhancements for the following secured Access 2000 applications, subsequently converted to Access 2002. In addition to Access, data sources include HMS (Paradox) and Timberline (Pervasive SQL). Up to 30 simultaneous users.

Rough-Frame Checklist - Access 2000

Developing new application for recording & reporting Rough-Frame Checklist inspection data. Incorporated a refresh feature to download data to the PC, to allow off-site use.

Updater - Access 2000

Developed new application to update each user's PC with 1 to 6 of the "Central" applications at boot-up. Replaces a set of DOS batch files periodically run by the network admin.