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Access 97 Developer's Handbook (1997)
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Ken Getz
Mike Gilbert
Paul Litwin
Publication Date 1997
Format Paperback (228 x 190 mm)
Publisher Sybex
Here's the book the Access community relies on! Packed with tips, tricks, secrets, undocumented features, and tons of reusable source code, this indispensable guide is your ticket to developing bulletproof applications. Learn how to build more efficient databases, design better user interfaces, develop client/server applications, and plan for interoperability. The companion CD includes all examples from the book, a library of reusable code, ready-to-use subroutines and user-interface objects, and great freeware and shareware utilities.
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Index 17
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ISBN 0782119417
Cover Price $59.99
Nr of Pages 1544
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