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Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's Guide (Programmer's Guide) (1998)
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Microsoft Corporation
Publication Date 1998
Format Paperback (228 x 187 mm)
Publisher Microsoft Press
The MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 6.0 PROGRAMMER'S GUIDE is a comprehensive resource for the beginning to intermediate programmer using the latest version of Visual Basic. Even though the content is available electronically with the product, print editions have a very strong following, with more than 80,000 copies of the MICROSOFT VISULA BASIC 5.0 PROGRAMMER'S GUIDE (ISBN: 1-57231-604-7) sold in its first three months. A broad range of topics is covered, from programming fundamentals and "Your First Visual Basic Application" to optimizing and distributing an application.

MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 6.0 PROGRAMMER'S GUIDE topics include: Visual Basic programming fundamentals Designing for performance and compatIbility Optimizing and distributing applications

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ISBN 1572318635
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