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XML in Action (1999)
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William J. Pardi
Publication Date 1999
Format Paperback (231 x 189 mm)
Publisher Microsoft Press
XML IN ACTION shows site developers how to use XML to transcend the limitations of HTML in the delivery of rich, structured data from any application. This insightful guide describes how to work with XML as featured in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5, offering rich examples of XML-enhanced Web pages that you can incorporate into your own sites.XML IN ACTION will help you:? Learn how XML relates to other common markup languages and what sets it apart from HTML, SGML, and RTF? Understand the basics of XML structure and syntax? Learn the rules that define Document Type Definition (DTD) ? Utilize XML through scripting? Use XML as a data source to learn the ins and outs of its linking capabilities? Examine how XML works and help you create extensible style sheets based on formatting rules? Find out about current development and what the future holds for XML Take advantage of newer, cleaner data representation techniques for designing or updating Web pages and sites with XML IN ACTION. Included on CD-ROM:? Developer content from the Site Builder Network Web site, brought to you by MSDN?? Fully searchable electronic version of the book? Code samples used in the book? Web links to XML-related sites
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ISBN 0735605629
Cover Price $39.99
Nr of Pages 352
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