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Business Law (Barron's Business Review Series) (1987)
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John W. Hardwicke
Robert W. Emerson
Publication Date 1987
Format Paperback (25 x 152 mm)
Publisher Barrons Educational Series
Here are understandable explanations of subjects related to business law and the legal environment. Separate chapters discuss the origin and nature of law, contracts in their many forms, negotiable instruments, banking procedures, types of business organization, legal definitions of crimes and torts, the concept of property, environmental law, labor-management relations law, intellectual property and computer law, and more. Business Review books are designed for classroom use, but are also valuable as self-teaching volumes for businesspersons engaged in various fields. When used in college business courses, these titles make fine supplements to main textbooks. Instructors in adult education and brush-up programs often choose these books as their main classroom text. Each title includes review questions with answers.
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ISBN 0812034953
Cover Price $11.95
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