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The Business Planning Guide - a handbook to help you design, write, and use a business plan and a financing ... tailored to your specific business needs (1992)
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David H., Jr. Bangs
Publication Date 1992
Format Paperback (13 x 216 mm)
Publisher Upstart Pub Co
Named by Forbes magazine as its "favorite, most useful small business book"!

For anyone considering venturing into the unknown waters of starting a business, having a voice of experience at hand can mean the difference between a safe journey and shipwreck. Too many new ventures start with neither compass nor maps, highly inadvisable in such an important undertaking. New businesses need the tools of business analysis, financial forecasting, and budgeting guidelines to grow and prosper.

While these terms sound technical, the practical, proven, and real-life advice offered in the all-new edition of The Business Planning Guide make the jargon come alive. For would-be business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to put their ventures on more solid financial footing, these are the step-by-step strategies to compile a complete business plan and financing proposal.

As a former banker, Bangs has been on both sides of the desk. He now shares the secrets that business owners seeking financing need to know, including how to:

? Collect relevant information from inside and outside the company.

? Analyze current market conditions as well as the business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

? Determine the appropriate amount and kinds of financing.

? Construct a financing proposal reflecting economic conditions and banker's requirements.

? Offer the most persuasive information for investors to make informed decisions.

? Deal with risks and opportunities.

For businesses small or large, profit or nonprofit, Bangs shares his business philosophy: "The thrill comes in making a business grow, serving more customers, trying out new ways to deliver value to them, and watching your employees grow and develop."

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