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Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence (1992)
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Joe Dominguez
Vicki Robin
Joseph R. Dominguez
Publication Date 1992
Format Hardcover (25 x 165 mm)
Publisher Viking Press
Find financial freedom in the new millennium with a new edition of the life-changing national bestseller

More than three-quarters of a million people everywhere, from all walks of life, have found the keys to gaining control of their money--and their lives--in this comprehensive and revolutionary book on money management. Considered the bible of the voluntary simplicity movement, Your Money or Your Life is now updated with a new Preface, Index, and Resource list to help you put the program into practice. This simple, nine-step program shows you how to:

* get out of debt and develop savings
* slow down the work-and-spend treadmill
* make values-based decisions about your spending
* save the planet while saving money

* Over three years on the Business Week bestseller list
* Your Money or Your Life made all major bestseller lists in hardcover and paperback, including the New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, Publishers Weekly, and Washington Post
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ISBN 0670843318
Cover Price $20.00
Nr of Pages 384
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