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Special Edition Using Windows 98 (1998)
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Ed Bott
Ron Person
Publication Date 1998
Format Paperback (57 x 191 mm)
Publisher Que
Special Edition Using Windows 98 Second Edition covers new features such as Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Connection Sharing. Now that Windows 98 has been available for over a year, many new insightful tips have been discovered that weren't known at the time of the original release. This book highlights those tips, providing exclusive and unique information that isn't readily found elsewhere. Each chapter has an added section covering a key related utility or third-party software package. See how to go beyond the basics and get more productive using WinZip for file compression and archiving, McAfee AntiVirus, Y2K Testing software to check the system BIOS, QuickView Plus for viewing files of almost any type, Web search utilities, and much more! A different utility relating to the topic of the chapter is covered at the end of every chapter.
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Index 138
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ISBN 0789714884
Cover Price $39.99
Nr of Pages 912
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