Running an Access 2000 database on Terminal Services on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. After I did a compact & repair, all the other users received one of those "file is opened exclusively by Admin..." and nobody could get in.

Turned out that for some reason, the server was resetting the permissions - before the compact & repair, "Everyone" had "Full Control" which is how Access needs things to be. After the compact, only Administrators had permission to open.

Interestingly enough, if I did the compact & repair from one of the users' PCs (not a member of Administrators) then the permissions remained the same.

The bottom line - after I compact & repair, I have to re-set the permissions:

+ Right click on the file, select Properties
+ Click the Security tab
+ Click Add
+ Type in: Everyone and click OK
+ Click Full Control and then click OK

This happens whether using Access 2000 or 2003 which makes me suspect that there's a config setting on Terminal Server that gets in the way.