"Each field is called: LIC1, LIC2, through LIC12. Since the table is a linked table, I cannot change the properties on the table. I have been trying to count up how many of these LIC fields are not blank"

There are two ways to do this:

Function CountStates() As Long
    Dim x As Long, n As Long, s As String
    With Me
        For x = 1 to 12
            s="LIC" & LTrim(x)
            If Len(.Controls(s)) > 0 Then
                n = n + 1
        Next x
    End With
    CountStates = n
End Function

The other way: Make a query like this:

 -1*(Len([LIC1])>0)-1*(Len([LIC2])>0) ... -1*(Len([LIC12])>0)

how this works: