The impact of the Microsoft Office System 2007 will be felt by all, not just Access users, so I thought I would share my impressions of the other components of the System.

MS Office Word 2007 eschews the default Tahoma (10pt) for the new Calibri (11pt) font, but the bigger impact for the typical user will be from underlying changes in the paragraph defaults for the document template.

Word 2007 uses default a line spacing of 1.15, and also adds a 10 pt "after" setting for the paragraph - why do you suppose that is? This will certainly wrankle users when they notice that their paragraphs are spread out down the page. Easy enough to go into the settings & restore the familiar defaults, but there was no reason to change in the first place.

The Print Preview section is ambiguously located in either Review or View (quick - which is it?) so you have to know the right question before you can find the correct answer. (It is actually located under the Office button at the top left.) It is quite simple to click the Office button, mouse down to Print, and then right-click on the Print Preview and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. But you have to wonder why that is not a default.

Furthermore, different users approach document creation in different ways. When I create a new Word file for technical documentation or instructions, most often I will set up the page size, headers & footers etc. before I begin the actual writing. Word 2007 expects me to type type type the content, and then worry about the appearance as an afterthought.