After installing FrontPage 2002 on a PC that already had Office 2003 Pro installed, the two Start Menu shortcuts "New Office Document" and "Open Office Document" were broken -- the new document shortcut, General tab, only contained a Blank Word Document but the other shortcuts like Blank Workbook, Presentation, Publication etc. were missing.

Of course, I had broken my own rule about installing multiple software versions in chronological order i.e. 97 then 2000 then XP then 2003. Frankly, I did that because (lucky me) both of those CD's were complementary copies received direct from Microsoft, and I was reluctant to uninstall 2003 and then install the older FP followed by the newer Office, fearing the activation blues ;-)

The solution was quite simple - almost obvious, if you're accustomed to working with MS products. My initial attempt was to run the Detect and Repair for Office 2003 but that accomplished naught; the final fix was to run Add/Remove Programs ~ Office 2003 Professional ~ Change ~ and then under Office Shared, I selected "Not Available" for "New and Open Office Document Shortcuts" and finished the Change; I then repeated the Change but this time I selected "Run All from My Computer" and when it finished, all the templates were restored.