My earlier post about forcing a group footer to the bottom of the page did not work after all, but I've developed a brute-force approach that gets the job done at a 98% level...

I've already tried the tips in MS KB # 119655 but of the three tips, the one that came closest to working, was pushing the remittance to a new page, instead of pushing it down to the bottom of the current page.

Background: The data for this report is coming from an Access pass-through query that executes a stored procedure against SQL Server 2000 to collect & prepare the data for display using a temp table, then using that table to count the details & subtotals by Office, and finally insert enough blank rows into the temp table to fill the rest of the page until it hits the right spot. The Access pass-through query might look like this:

EXEC procOfficeStatements 'SCHW01', '11/1/2006','11/30/2006','12/1/2006'

...the user specifies the three dates (start date 11/1, end date 11/30, and statement date 12/1) and optionally the Firm Code ('SCHW01') or simply use '' to retrieve all Firms.

I observed that the printable area (from the bottom of the page header to the top of the bottom page margin) was exactly 27 lines if the page has a footer, or 39 lines if there is no group footer. So my idea was to count the detail and subtotal lines, and then insert as many blank lines into the temp table. I also needed to add a fudge factor: detail lines are 0.175" tall, but the subtotal lines are 0.25" tall, so I do this:

(count the details per office) + (0.25 / 0.175) * (count the subtotals per office)

...which compensates for the taller subtotal lines.

My opening comment about the 98% factor is due to the fact that the remittance prints almost at the bottom of the page, but not precisely at the bottom (+/- 0.2 inches).