I'm running a trial copy of Office 2007 on a trial copy of Windows Server 2003 R2.

Another new wrinkle in Access 2007 is that it attempts to display a calendar popup icon when a text box is formatted as a date. This is not desirable behavior. Allow me to elaborate.

My Access 2003 app has a small form with a Calendar 2.0 ActiveX control. I've added buttons to the form, to move backward & forward by month, and special buttons for "Jan 1" and "today". Another enhancement is that it saves the selected date in a global variable, so once a date is selected you can navigate to the next date field on your main form and it will remember the previous selection. In other words, click to select the "from", and when you click to select the "thru" the popup calendar will default to the "from" date. Handy. There is also another global variable that is used to display an optional message e.g. "Select the starting date."

When I open the form in Access 2007, the date field with focus has a fancy icon hovering over my command button. Clicking that fancy icon brings up a tiny little calendar popup, but without any ease-of-use enhancements. You have to click the edge of the command button underneath to get my popup form. This makes things more difficult for the user.

Today was also the first day that I tried working in design view on some forms, but the ribbon had no clue about what I had in mind. The properties window defaults to a right-docked position, but thankfully you can un-dock it and push it around like you would normally.

One more thing - when you print-preview, you can no longer type a percentage - you have to choose from the list. In Access 2003 and older, you could type a number like 85 and the screen would size to 85%. I suppose to do that in 2007 we'll need to program that ribbon...