My version of Office 2007 is actually the Enterprise Edition, which includes the customary Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access; InfoPath and OneNote which were added by Office 2003; along with the new offering Groove.

The new ribbon user interface has been incorporated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. This will take some getting used to, but power users will find it easy to quickly add their favorite options to the Quick Access toolbar - this mitigates removal of the user's ability to customize built-in menus and toolbars in the 2007 System. First order of business is to add a print preview button - click the new Office button, mouse down to Print, right-click on Print Preview and then select Add to Quick Access toolbar.

In the case of Access 2007, the default settings will not run any macros or VBA code unless the project is signed. To work around that, click the Office button and near the bottom right of the menu, click Access Options. At the Access Options screen, click Trust Center at the left, and then click Trust Center Settings at the far right. At the Trust Center screen, click Macro Settings at the left, then on the right screen, click Enable All Macros (not recommended...) and then click OK twice to return to Access.

Power users will also note that the shortcut keys still work in the 2007 Office System, so if you're accustomed to pressing Ctrl-P for a print dialog, or Alt-T,D,C to compact a database, those key combinations will still work.