"On one of the modules neither a SQL for deleting a table or another for INSERT into the table would work. Both commands would work if run as queries. But not as DoCmd.OpenQuery. I have the identical program on my computer with all files in the same directories and it runs with no problems."

First, go into the FE and try to re-link the tables. I once saw a table that acted like it was connected, and let you edit the data via a form or query, but the edited data wouldn't "stick". Re-linking the table fixed it.

Second, use the /decompile switch on the command line and then see if the app works normally. If the problem is the service-release-syndrome, the decompile should get you up & running (cross your fingers).

Third, open any module and click Tools, Options and change the 'VBA project name' to something different. This can also un-clog stuffed-up code.

Fourth, you can order the SR-2 CD it only takes a few days, if they can wait.