In doing research on Access 97 security, I've found a way to query the workgroup file, to make a list of all users and the groups they belong to. This is "borrowed" from queries that are inside the workgroup file itself.

I wanted to be able to recognize what group an individual belongs to, and then show/hide certain command buttons according to their group memberships.

In this example, my workgroup file is: c:\bill\client\acme\litigate.mdw

Query #1: qry_MSysGroups - connects into the group info

SELECT * FROM MSysGroups IN 'c:\bill\client\acme\litigate.mdw';

Query #2: qry_MSysAccounts - connects into the user info

SELECT * FROM MSysAccounts IN 'c:\bill\client\acme\litigate.mdw';

Query #3 : qryGroupsUsers - presents a recordset with one record for each user, for each group they belong to:

SELECT DISTINCT qry_MSysAccounts.Name AS TheGroups,
qry_MSysAccounts_1.Name AS TheUsers
FROM (qry_MSysAccounts 
INNER JOIN qry_MSysGroups ON qry_MSysAccounts.SID = qry_MSysGroups.GroupSID)
INNER JOIN qry_MSysAccounts AS qry_MSysAccounts_1 ON qry_MSysGroups.UserSID = qry_MSysAccounts_1.SID
WHERE (((qry_MSysAccounts.FGroup)<>0) AND ((qry_MSysAccounts_1.FGroup)=0));