Today was the Microsoft Ready for a New Day Launch 2007, and after hours of gee-whiz about the 2007 holy trinity (Vista, Office & Exchange) I was inspired to complete my Vista install.

I did get some bad info, tho. When I attempted the upgrade from Windows 2000, it told me I needed SP4 first, that was yesterday. Today, it told me I needed XP SP2 in order to upgrade, so I took that as "a sign" that a full install was the order of the day. I remember going down the same path years ago when "upgrading" from 2000 to XP so that wasn't totally unexpected.

The Vista install took about a two hours start-to-finish. But that did not include searching for drivers: just like Win2K it did not recognize my very ordinary Linksys LNE100TX ethernet card; luckily the Win 2K driver worked just fine. I still have an NVIDIA card that Vista can't seem to find the UART so I'm stuck with either 800x600 with vivid color, or 1024x768 with 8 (yes, eight) colors; you can imagine how that looks.