In the home office, my normal work setup has a Pavilion desktop and a ThinkPad notebook, both with Win XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro. In another room, I have my old Win 2000 machine with a flatbed scanner, inkjet printer, and ZIP 100 drive (remember those?).

Off to my far left is a test PC running Vista Business and Office 2007, which I don't necessarily need every day, but quite often I'll just run it to save boot time, just in case. I've noted that Vista is really tough on the hard disk, it spins up and down all day long.

Recently I've been getting the Vista BSOD with a STOP error x09F with the description of DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. The MS support link revealed that power management issues during sleep or hibernation can be the culprit - my solution was to reset the power management to "always on" for both monitor and hard disk. Hope it works. Stay tuned.