FoxBASE uses the DBF file format, like dBASE, pretty standard. You should be able to attach to the Fox tables and pull in the info. The indexes that match the format could be ndx, idx, mdx or cdx, depending on the age. The only tricky part is that memo fields are stored in a separate file.

If you have a means to browse a binary file (such as the old MS-DOS 5 or 6 DOSSHELL) you can actually see the index expressions are, towards the beginning of the index file itself.

I would suggest that you actually import the data into Access, I've found that the dbase/FoxPro connection can be sluggish.

The fields names are 11 characters max, non-case-sensitive, no spaces, no duplicates; generally much more critical than in Access. The principal data types are character (fixed width), number (width and # of decimals) and date (8 chars, Y2K compliant).

The only issues I can think of when importing:

  1. a text field that appears empty might actually have spaces in it
  2. a boolean field can be True, False, or Null